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What Windows do you install?
PeterAnswered by: Peter, An Expert in the Versions of Windows Category

What Windows do you install? While Windows XP has been out for a long time and is still widely used, it is no longer supported and daily becomes more insecure. It is still a fine c...

What can I do if Windows 7 is slow?
NicolasAnswered by: Nicolas, An Expert in the Windows 7 Category

Compared to its predecessor, Windows Vista, the Windows 7 operating system usually tends to use less resources, therefore reducing the time needed by your computer to perform commo...

How Do You Change Windows 7 Background
RitaAnswered by: Rita, An Expert in the Windows 7 Category

Windows 7 comes preinstalled with many background options. You can use your own pictures from your computer as the desktop background, or you can use one that comes pre-installed o...